Jimmy Kimmel comedian crashes Roy Moore church rally


As Roy Moore’s seemingly surreal Alabama Senate campaign continues to trundle along unabated by allegations of sexual assault, it was perhaps unsurprising that a comedian and film crew from the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show would show up to poke fun at the twice-removed chief justice and his fervent supporters.

It all unfolded at the Magnolia Springs Baptist Church in Theodore, Alabama, on a balmy Wednesday night of subterfuge from both the Kimmel film crew and Roy Moore staffers. The press being the victims on each occasion.

Jake Byrd, a fictional character that has appeared intermittently on Kimmel’s show, played by award-winning comedian and writer Tony Barbieri, was first spotted interrupting interviews with Moore supporters in the parking lot of the church ahead of Moore’s speech. Barbieri wore a pro-Moore T-shirt that had “Gimme Moore” splashed across the front.

Genuine Moore supporters asked where he’d got the T-shirt, a sure sign that Barbieri was hitting his mark as the Moore loving Byrd. Barbieri also held a Roy Moore sign in hand during the entire act.

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