Hillary Clinton says Lauer fallout is ‘karma’


Throughout her run for president in 2016, Hillary Rodham Clinton was a pretty frequent visitor to Philadelphia, as part of her ultimately futile quest to win Pennsylvania. The Democratic National Convention, of course, took place at the Wells Fargo Center, and the Democratic nominee, along with her husband, President Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen, held a mega-rally on Independence Mall on election eve.

Thursday night, a little more than a year after her shocking loss to President Donald Trump, Secretary Clinton returned to Philly for a promotional event at the Academy of Music for her campaign memoir, What Happened. At the event, which was sold-out but not quite full, with an audience about two-thirds female, Clinton was interviewed on-stage by Philly native and best-selling author Jennifer Weiner.

When it came to sexism and the media, it was Weiner who brought up the elephant in the room, reading out a section of What Happened about the September 2016 Commander-in-Chief Forum on NBC, in which the host separately interviewed both candidates but was notably tougher on Clinton than Trump. That host? Matt Lauer.

“Every day I believe more in karma,” Clinton said to that, referring further to several “men who shaped the narrative” during the campaign who have since been sidelined in the wave of sexual harassment scandals.

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