Looking to capitalize on the recent outbreak of sexual harassment claims, Dana Nessel, a female candidate for Michigan’s attorney general, released a campaign ad telling voters: Vote for me because I don’t have a penis.

In the short clip released Thursday, Nessel asks the following of voters:

“Who can you trust most NOT to show you their penis in a professional setting? Is it the candidate who doesn’t have a penis?”

“I’d say so,” Nessel answers herself in the video.

If you think that this is a rational campaign than you may just be sick in the head. Nessel’s strategy would be like going into a high-crime district where a certain ethnic group predominates and saying “Vote for me, because I’m not of this ethnic group.” Tell me what would happen then?

Any woman who would even say a thing like this publicly is a castrating monster in my estimation. She is the problem–not the solution. I don’t care if a woman wins. I wouldn’t care if she was gay or straight. I wouldn’t care what her race is, but what I care about is her qualifications as attorney general.

Now for this woman to say that she’s qualified because she doesn’t have a penis means that she’s going in with an agenda that is anti-male. It means that she’s not qualified to run on the face of it.

There has been a war against boys in this country for at least fifteen years now. The war against men has escalated using perverts and deviants like Matt Lauer and others. As sickening as this is, there is always a good side.That good side is that we are seeing the sexists come out of the woodwork. Sexist like this Dana Nessel. It is good to see naked sexism for what it truly has become.

Nessel is a product of only talking to other radical women, only being with other radical man-haters. They talk about men in such terms, and Nessel is only bringing it the forefront for the public to see.

She takes what is private and personal and puts it into the public forum and she is seen for what she is: A small-minded microcephalic of the mind.

We can also ask why have we not heard about any women in Hollywood, for example, who have used their power to sexually molest other women.

Don’t tell me it didn’t happen.

Why have we not heard one case yet of a powerful woman in Hollywood or in government who used their power to seduce and abandon a powerless woman who wanted a job or to work for them? Tell me why? Who’s protecting them? Why are the women so well insulated from such accusations? Why haven’t we heard one such case? Where is the female Harvey Weinstein?