There’s a ‘crazy’ Conor McGregor-Irish mafia brawl rumor


Conor McGregor has again found himself at the center of a wild plot involving some extremely heavy hitters.

According to various unconfirmed reports in Ireland and the UK, a threat has been made against McGregor’s life over a sensational barroom brawl with Irish mafia figures.

The reports claim that senior members of Ireland’s infamous Kinahan crime cartel are seeking retribution against the UFC lightweight champion over an assault in an Irish bar.

Irish police are aware of claims that McGregor allegedly assaulted a man with ties to Kinahan lieutenant Graham “The Wig” Whelan — one of the country’s most feared gangsters, who was a key player in a long-running feud that claimed 16 lives in the early 2000s.

One report suggested the man, who is in his 50s, is Whelan’s father.

However, there is no solid evidence supporting the rumors that have spread through social media — in part thanks to McGregor — like wildfire.

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