Florida governor: 2,000 leaving Puerto Rico every day — 84,000 in 42 days


Puerto Ricans have been fleeing the island at a rate of 2,000 a day, a huge hit to the hurricane-ravaged island, according to Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

The impact of the human outflow could be damaging to the island’s manufacturing base, which tops tourism as its income base.

“Puerto Rico’s main source of income is not tourism, it’s manufacturing — pharmaceuticals, medical devices, electronics, computers. That means when you have zero revenue because of no power on the island, the already weakened economy is going to get worse,” said Jenniffer Gonzalez-Colon,who represents Puerto Rico in the House.

“I just spoke with the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, and he told me that more than 84,000 Puerto Ricans left Puerto Rico over the past 42 days. Those are people who are workers — people who are part of the tax base,” she added in a Ripon Society discussion earlier this month and just released.

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