DHS Prepares Plan to End Work Permits for Foreign H-1B Spouses


Officials at the Department of Homeland have drafted plans to end former President Barack Obama’s policy of awarding an extra work-visa to many H-1B guest workers.

The policy has delivered at least 78,000 extra H-4 work-permits to the spouses of foreign H-1B guest workers. Many of the spouses are white-collar graduates who compete for the jobs also sought by young American graduates.

A regulation to end the H-4 giveaway is “on the table” an agency official told Breitbart News. If published in the federal register, it will be enforced after 60 days but likely will be tangled up in business-funded lawsuits.

But the move — if implemented amid business hostility — would impact less than 10 percent of the roughly 1 million resident white-collar guest-workers.

The giveaway was begun in January 2015 by officials working for former President Barack Obama, after public opposition blocked Obama’s business-boosting “Gang of Eight” amnesty-and-cheap-labor bill.

Immigration lawyers and business groups are already

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