First Transgender Minister Appointed In UK Methodist Church


A man identifying as a woman has become the U.K. Methodist Church’s first transgender minister, physically transitioning changing his gender to female after four decades of dressing like one.

Joy Everingham, a 46-year-old chaplain at University of Kent Canterbury and father of two, announced to his congregation that he had fully accepted his identity and would transition to wearing women’s clothing full-time and begin taking cross-gender hormones, according to Telegraph. Everingham first discussed his plan of transitioning to senior church leaders, who gave their full approval, before announcing his plans to his congregation. Everingham, still married and living with his wife Ruth and their two sons and ordained as a Methodist deacon, is the first transgender minister accepted by the Methodist Church in the U.K.

“People sat down and started reading it [the letter in which he announced his transition], and then I could see them looking up and around,” Everingham said, according to Kent Online. “I was scared to death, but people kept coming up to me and saying ‘well done.’ A couple of people didn’t speak to me for a bit, but they had to work it out for themselves. I was expecting it to be a long hard trek to justify who I was, but it’s not been like that.”

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