Women ‘marrying down’ as men become less educated


A study shows that a record number of women are struggling to find marriageable men who have attained the same level of academic achievement, but they still overwhelmingly prefer husbands who are the primary breadwinners.

More than a quarter of wives, 25.3 percent, have attained higher levels of education than their husbands, according to data released this week by the Institute for Family Studies. The inverse — marriages in which husbands are more educated — constitute a slightly lower share at 24.5 percent.

Wendy Wang, author of the report and director of research at the Institute for Family Studies, said her research provides a new answer to the age-old question, “Where have all the good men gone?”

“If you ask a lot of single women in major metropolitan areas with college degrees, you would probably hear a lot of that,” Ms. Wang said. “It is hard. If you look at the pool, it’s true because overall we see that women are more educated than men. So if you’re a woman who wants to marry someone with a college education, your chances go down. There aren’t as many men in the pool, so some women have to marry men without a college education.”

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