Texas shooter was leaving the church when he heard pastor’s daughter cry out in pain, so he turned back to shoot her again


The frightened children made him angrier.

Gunman Devin Kelley yelled, “Everybody is going to die motherf—–s,” before he unleashed mayhem inside the tiny Texas church where he killed 26 people including several children, a couple who survived the attack said.

He especially went after the startled kids who begged for help as he continued to shoot them at close range.

“When the children cried next to their mothers, he would return to shoot them more,” Joaquin Ramirez, 50, told the Daily News. “He had more hatred toward the children because they cried.”

Ramirez and his live-in girlfriend Rosanne Solis, 52, were sitting in the third row of the front left side of the First Baptist Church when Kelley entered shortly after 11 a.m. Sunday. They hid under the church benches as the gunman emptied clip after clip of his assault rifle.

He wreaked havoc on the church for 16 minutes, Ramirez said, filling the small house of worship with blood and gunsmoke.

Kelley started to make his way out of the church — thinking everyone was dead — when he heard Annabelle screaming in pain again.

“The pastor’s daughter cried again and he walked back to the front to shoot her,” Ramirez said.

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