As town mourns, details emerge on gunman’s methodical tactics in church massacre


Authorities worked on multiple fronts Tuesday seeking a fuller portrait of the gunman who left at least 26 people dead at a Texas church and how a breakdown in military protocols failed to flag a domestic violence conviction that should have blocked him from buying firearms.

Even as tiny Sutherland Springs began funerals and mourning that touch nearly every family, more chilling details emerged of how the black-clad attacker, Devin P. Kelley, methodically tried to take as many victims as possible as he stalked the pews.

David Brown, whose mother Farida survived the carnage, said she described Kelley taking aim at churchgoers on Sunday as they tried to flee and then walking “up and down the aisle” firing at people cowering or wounded on the ground in the church, about 35 miles south of Kelley’s home in New Braunfels.

The gunman fired four shots into the torso of the woman on Farida Brown’s left, her son said.

“With every shot, she was crying,” Brown said of the woman. “She was just staring at my mom while she tried to comfort her.” As he fired rounds into the woman, Brown held her hand, telling her she was heading to heaven.

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