College students stage occupation over ‘whitewashed’ curriculum


An anti-racism student group at one of America’s most liberal colleges entered the 12th day of an administrative building occupation Friday.

The group at Reed College in Portland, Ore., called for the school to cut ties to Wells Fargo Bank over its relationship with privately run prisons and stop teaching what it called a “whitewashed” curriculum that is too focused on the ideas and accomplishments of white Europeans and their descendants.

The group, called Reedies Against Racism (RAR), has been camping out in college President John Kroger’s office.

The students say that a mandatory humanities course dubbed “Hum 110” focuses overtly on European thought leaders, leading to “whitewashing” of the students’ education. The course has long been a target of the school’s left-leaning activists, who successfully shut down an Aug. 28 lecture on Ancient Greece.

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