Chinese State Media: NYC Jihad Proves U.S. in State of ‘Domestic Chaos’


The Chinese government-run Global Times newspaper responded to the jihadist attack in Manhattan this week by declaring that China’s military belligerence is not a threat to America, instead claiming that the threat comes from America’s “haphazard and scattershot” democracy, which has led to a state of “domestic chaos.”

The Global Times column closely follows the unveiling of President Xi Jinping’s “socialism with Chinese characteristics” ideology to the Communist Party of China (CPC) last month. Xi presented a brutally authoritarian, ethnically homogeneous and religiously void vision for the future to China, and to the world a future in which China is the one global superpower above all other nations.

While Xi abstained from mentioning the United States, his state-controlled propaganda vehicles have endeavored to contrast his quest for totalitarian rule with the allegedly dismal state of affairs in America’s free society.

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