Somalia Terror Bombings Again Raise Question of U.S. Military Strategy in Africa


  • Dozens killed in Mogadishu, Somalia, bombings, two weeks after hundreds killed
  • Somalia attack comes as Niger ambush leads to review of US military aims in Africa

At least 23 people were killed and dozens injured from a series of coordinated suicide bombings and gun battles on Saturday afternoon in Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia.

The al-Qaeda linked Somalia terror group Al-Shabaab claimed credit for the terror attack. The first attack was a car bomb outside the Nasa Hablod hotel, usually frequented by Somalia politicians. A second car bombing in the same area targeted security forces and ambulances as they arrived at the hotel to respond to the first bombing. A third bombing occurred when an attacker detonated his explosive vest inside the hotel. The explosions were followed by heavy gunfire.

Saturday’s bombings came just two weeks after a massive truck bombing in a busy marketplace in Mogadishu killed 350 people. That was by far the worst terror attack in Somalia’s modern history.

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