NYC mayoral candidate’s résumé includes a charge of attempted airplane hijacking


“New York, New York – If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.”

Perhaps no New York City resident is testing that line more than mayoral candidate Aaron Commey, whose history includes a charge of attempting to hijack a commercial airline from John F. Kennedy International Airport when he was 22.

Commey, who is running as a Libertarian, allegedly forced his way into the cockpit of a Boeing 757 carrying 150 passengers and crew in 2000 and, armed with a gun, demanded that the Las Vegas-bound plane fly to Argentina. He was convinced an evil force was there, and he was determined to terminate it.

The incident ended many hours later with no injuries reported. There was jail for Commey, who was hit with five criminal charges. He was acquitted in 2003 on insanity grounds, but had to stay at a prison medical institution until 2015.

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