JFK assassination files: Russia denies being behind President’s murder hours before release of classified docs


RUSSIA has denied in any role in the assassination of John F Kennedy before secret files about the murder are made public today.

Fascinating documents due to be released by the US government are expected to shed light on Harvey Lee Oswald’s trip to the Soviet Union.

Some claim Oswald, who was identified as the assassin by five official investigations into the death, might have contacted Soviet secret services and undergone special training.

But this afternoon Russia moved quickly to dismiss any suggestions they had a role in the death of JFK in Dallas on November 22 1963.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters: “For decades, information has been kept under lock and key.

“If even here wild insinuations are hurled at Russia, that would be a shame, because it is information, and not disinformation that people want.”

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