Day I Met El Chapo producer details Sean Penn battle


In September of 2016 I was introduced to Kate and she had this desire to want to tell her story in a documentary form. I knew what took place on a broad-strokes level with her and Sean and the craziness of going down and seeing El Chapo, but I didn’t know a lot more than that. I went to her house and it was one of those life-imitating-art moments where your mouth drops. Her story was so unbelievable; this telenovela superstar living the life of a telenovela role.

When you’re dealing with actors and doing a story on their life, they tend to be very guarded and put up emotional walls. She was giving me the details and raw emotion and the pain and the tears — and it was real. I said, “Can you give me this [on camera]? Will you talk this way? Will you be willing to bare it all in this story?” And she did. From there it was a very quick, secretive production because we knew we were going down into Mexico to shoot. We did not want to get shut down, we did not want to alert authorities, and we did not want to alert Sean Penn’s camp at that point.

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