Bergdahl sentencing will feature how desperate search changed 3 lives forever


As the fate of Bowe Bergdahl rests in the hands of a judge this week, a military court is expected to hear dramatic testimony later this week from the soldiers and a Navy SEAL who were badly hurt in the search for the Army sergeant after he deserted his post.

The judge, Army Col. Jeffery R. Nance, will hear at a sentencing hearing at Fort Bragg from one soldier involved in the search for Bergdahl who must now use a wheelchair, unable to speak because of a head wound. Another is still unable to use his right hand.

A third searcher sustained a leg wound from enemy fire that ended his career as a Navy SEAL.

At the hearing Monday, Bergdahl’s defense showed a video from President Trump’s comments from the Rose Garden on Oct. 16 and the campaign trail in Dec. 2015, questioning whether the judge could do his job in an unbiased manner.

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