Pope Francis: ‘Wars and Climate Change’ Are Root Causes of World Hunger and Migration


Pope Francis addressed the FAO Monday on the question of world hunger, proposing that wars and climate change must be overcome in order to properly address the crisis of world hunger and immigration.

“The relationship between hunger and migrations can only be addressed if we go to the root of the problem,” the Pope said at the headquarters of the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) in Rome. “In this regard, studies conducted by the United Nations, like many others conducted by civil organizations, agree that there are two major obstacles that must be overcome: conflicts and climate change.”

The pontiff expressed his optimistic view that scientists have discovered how to contain climate change and require only the political will of world leaders.

“Concerning climate change, we see its consequences every day,” Francis said. “Thanks to scientific knowledge, we know how to deal with the problem and the international community has also been preparing necessary legal instruments, such as, for example, the Paris Accord.”

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