Brits blame Iran for hack targeting Parliament, prime minister: Reports


Iranian government hackers conducted a sustained cyberattack over the summer targeting U.K. politicians including Prime Minister Theresa May, successfully compromising dozens of email accounts belonging to members of Parliament, British news media reported Saturday.

State-sponsored hackers traced to the regime in Tehran targeted about 9,000 email accounts associated with dozens of members of British parliament, cabinet ministers, Mrs. May and others during a 12-hour-long brute force attack waged June 23, according to a secret intelligence assessment first reported by The Times and independently verified by The Guardian.

Ninety email accounts in all were compromised as a result of the attack, or about one percent of the total accounts targeted, the reports said, including roughly 30 members of Parliament, one of the victims told The Times.

The prime minister’s emails weren’t at risk because Mrs. May uses an account associated with the Prime Minister’s office rather than Parliament, but intelligence officials believe it’s inevitable the hackers obtained sensitive material, The Times reported.

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