Footage resurfaces of Harvey Weinstein’s British wife playing ‘Floozy One’ during her short-lived acting career


Footage of Harvey Weinstein’s wife Georgina Chapman’s early film career has emerged, showing the actress-turned designer playing a character called Floozy One alongside Bob Hoskins.

Marchesa designer Georgina, 41, is currently in hiding with her two children following the collapse of her marriage as allegations of rape, sexual assault and harassment have stacked up against the shamed producer.

And to add to her woes, footage from her early film career has started to resurface including the 2005 gritty mobster movie drama Unleashed.

In an explicit scene, she romps with vicious mobster Bart – played by the late British film legend Bob Hoskins and during their rough sex session, she tells him: ‘Turn on the lights. I like to see who I’m making love to.’

Clearly not afraid to push boundaries, Georgina bared her breasts in the racy scene.

British-born Georgina was a budding actress when she met Harvey Weinstein at a party in 2004 and quickly went from TV roles to bit parts in major films, including a small role as a prostitute, Candy, in the 2005 film Derailed with Clive Owen.

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