Vegas shooter hung around senior center looking for cheap meals


Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock, who has now found his place as the deadliest mass shooter in modern American history, reportedly spent much of his time eating cheap meals from a senior center.

Paddock, who has been called a millionaire due to his lavish gambling efforts, apparently ate cheap and creeped people out when doing so.

According to the New York Post, Paddock could be found at the Mesquite Community and Senior Center roughly three times a week, where he’d eat for less than four bucks.

A local at the center, Marshall Meland, 78, said he and others were eating lunch when Paddock’s face came up on the TV as the gunman.

Immediately everyone recognized him, Daily Mail reports that Meland said:

“We recognized Stephen when his face flashed up on TV. He last came in to the center around 11 a.m. last Thursday and checked in at the desk, but didn’t stop for lunch like he usually does.

Instead, he went straight up to the counter to speak with the cook and asked her about an enchiladas dish she cooks — he wanted to know how she made it.

After that he left. No one took any notice of him. It wasn’t until later after what he did that we realized he drove to Vegas that afternoon. Everyone at the center is shocked.”

Despite many at the center identifying the 64-year-old’s face, no one had become close with him.

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