Man stabs ‘crap’ Hitler painting with screwdriver at Museo Di Salo in Italy


A 40-year-old man armed with a screwdriver has attacked a painting hanging in an Italian art gallery. The curator of the museum says the work is garbage but it shouldn’t be censored.

An oil painting by Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler was attacked by a man with a screwdriver in Italy this week.

The man was enraged at seeing the work of the Nazi leader hanging in a gallery, the museum said. The picture was hanging in Museo Di Salo as part of an exhibition about madness.

“Museo della Follia (Museum of Madness): from Goya to Bacon,” is a traveling exhibition curated by art critic and curator Vittorio Sgarbi who said Hitler’s work was garbage.

“It’s a piece of crap, it’s a painting by a desperate man … You don’t see greatness but you see misery here,” Sgarbi told Italian news agency ANSA. “(It) is not the work of a dictator but that of a wretch, it reveals a profoundly melancholy soul.”

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