Canada Holocaust Memorial Omitted Any Reference to Jews, the Role of Anti-Semitism


Photo: Starved prisoners, nearly dead from hunger, pose in concentration camp in Ebensee, Austria. The camp was reputedly used for “scientific” experiments. It was liberated by the 80th Division. May 7, 1945.

The Canadian government has responded to outcry and removed a plaque at the National Holocaust Memorial in Ottawa, Canada that made no mention of how Jews were victims of the Holocaust.

Heritage Minister Melanie Joly said the plaque would be replaced with a new one “that reflects the horrors experienced by the Jewish people,” the Times of Israel reported.

The original plaque memorialized the “millions of men, women, and children murdered during the Holocaust” and the “survivors who persevered and were able to make their way to Canada after one of the darkest chapters in history.”

Prior to the memorial’s opening last week, Canada was the only country of the World War II Allies that did not have a Holocaust memorial.

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