Vegas shooter’s girlfriend: ‘He never said anything to me’


The girlfriend of Vegas madman Stephen Paddock said Wednesday she had no idea of the massacre he was planning — and only thought he was breaking up with her when he shipped her off to the Philippines and then wired her $100,000.

Marilou Danley said through her attorney that Paddock sent her on a weeks-long trip to visit family in the Philippines before he carried out the worst mass killing in US history and wired her the large sum of cash while she was there — but she saw that as a sign he was going to end their relationship, not end 59 lives in a hail of gunfire.

“At first [I thought] the unexpected trip home and the money was a way of breaking up with me,” she said in a statement read by attorney Matthew Lombard while she was still being questioned by the FBI.

“He never said anything to me or took any action that I was aware of that I understood in any way to be a warning that something horrible like this was going to happen.”

Danley was traveling in southeast Asia when Paddock went on the deadly spree that killed 59 people and injuring more than 500, but returned to the US to aid investigators, according to the statement.

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