Police release bodycam footage; Vegas shooter’s girlfriend returns to U.S.


Police have released frightening bodycam footage that shows Las Vegas cops racing towards Stephen Paddock’s sniper nest as he unleashed minute upon minute of automatic weapons fire.

The footage, released at a Tuesday night press conference, is compiled from cameras on officers on the ground, some of whom are seen rushing towards the Mandalay Bay Resort, where he’d set up his sniper’s nest.

In one pulse-pounding moment, a team of cops are forced to crouch behind a concrete wall because Paddock is training his fire on them directly.

In another, an officer runs into the line of fire to drag an apparently drunken man to safety. And in a third, a police officer covers a crouching woman as shots ring out, hoping his vest – and body – will protect her from the rounds.

In the same press conference, police revealed that Paddock hid cameras not just in a room service cart outside the two hotel rooms he rented, but also in the peephole of a room’s door – allowing him to see security and SWAT teams as they tried to end the carnage.

The footage was released before Paddock’s girlfriend Marilou Danley arrived back in the U.S. from her native Philippines. She was seen in footage by NBC at LAX airport in a wheelchair after landing at 7.17pm PST Tuesday where she was met by FBI agents.

Danley, who had traveled to Hong Kong on September 25, was escorted through the terminal by FBI agents after a flight from the Philippines. Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo called her a person of interest in a Tuesday press conference.

The 62-year-old was wearing a hat and light blue jacket and was pushing a black suitcase in front of her. It is not yet clear where she was then taken.

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