Cleveland Gang members raped man, doused him in gas during home invasion


Three suspected members of the Heartless Felons are in custody after they doused two men with gasoline, tied them up and then raped one and shot a third man, according to police.

Troy White, 47, Nathaniel Ramos Jr., 18, and Keli Dunnican, 22, are all charged in connection with the incident that happened Thursday in the 3000 block of Sackett Avenue near West 25th Street in the city’s Clark-Fulton neighborhood.

White is charged with felonious assault and is being held in the city jail on $100,000 bond; Ramos is charged with aggravated burglary and is jailed on $25,000 bond; and Duncan is charged with aggravated robbery and is jailed on $50,000 bond.

The trio are suspected members of the dangerous street gang, according to court records.

The incident happened about 12:30 a.m. Thursday. The trio showed up at a 31-year-old man’s apartment and knocked on the door. Ramos and Duncan wore masks, police reports say.

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