Military vets used fingers to plug bullet holes in bodies during massacre


Photo: Twitter

Heroic military veterans and police officers put their training to use during the deadly mass shooting at a Las Vegas music concert — even “plugging bullet holes with their fingers,” according to a report.

“You saw a lot of ex-military just jump into gear,” witness Russell Bleck told the “Today” show on NBC. “I saw guys plugging bullet holes with their fingers.”

“While everyone else was crouching, police officers (were) standing up at targets, just trying to direct people, tell them where to go,” he added. “The amount of bravery I saw there, words can’t describe what it was like.”

Bleck was with his fiancée Sunday night in a VIP tent at the Route 91 music festival when the couple heard what they first thought were firecrackers or a crackling amplifier, he said on the show. But when the sound didn’t stop, he realized what was going on, he added.

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