Hezbollah chief tells ‘non-Zionist Jews’ to go home or get dragged into war

i24 NEWS:

Photo: Flickr
 Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah has urged “non-Zionist Jews” in Israel to return to the countries which they came from or fall victim to a war between the Jewish state and his Lebanese militia. 

Giving an address on Sunday from an underground bunker to mark the Shiite commemoration of Ashura, he called for Jews who emigrated to Israel to “leave and return to the countries from which they came so they are not fuel for any war that the idiotic [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu government takes them to”.

“They will have no secure place in occupied Palestine,” he was quoted as saying by Reuters news agency, referring to Israel.

Nasrallah, who lives in hiding out of fear of assassination, frequently levels grave threats at Israel.

On Sunday he said that if Israel begins an “adventure” against Hezbollah — which Jerusalem considers a proxy of regional rival Iran — they would be making a serious error.

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