U.S. Senate Candidate Moore May ‘Upend U.S. Senate Order’


Almost nobody has more at stake in Alabama’s Republican U.S. Senate race than Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who could see his tenuous majority upended by an uncompromising conservative who campaigned against the GOP leader.

Roy Moore, 70, a former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, is the front-runner in Tuesday’s runoff primary election, and recent polls show him well ahead of McConnell’s preferred candidate, incumbent Senator Luther Strange.

If Moore wins, McConnell will have to work with a senator who has called for him to step down and who has built his brand around a willingness to upset political order — a threat to the routine of the Senate, which runs on unanimous consent and precedent.

In a fundraising email this month, Moore pledged to “NEVER back down or compromise on our deeply held values and principles.” He also said he would lead an effort to replace McConnell of Kentucky with “a conservative willing to work with Donald Trump to Drain the Swamp.”

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