Ireland to vote on abortion referendum next year


A referendum on the eighth amendment governing Ireland’s abortion laws is provisionally scheduled for either May or June 2018, according to a memorandum Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is bringing to Cabinet this week.

Indicative dates for upcoming referendums and future polls will be discussed by Ministers on Tuesday, with a number of votes possibly taking place on the same day as a presidential election.

One referendum which could coincide with a potential presidential election in October 2018 is the long-promised vote on the constitutional provision relating to the role of women in the home.

Also slated for that date are a referendum to remove the offence of blasphemy and perhaps a vote on directly elected mayors.

Although he is widely expected to stand again, President Michael D Higgins has said he will announce in 12 months’ time whether or not he wants a second term, meaning potential presidential candidates will have to declare for a contest beforehand.

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