Pro-Kaepernick Army Officer Tweets “Communism Will Win” Photo


A Twitter user who is reportedly an active duty Army officer and West Point graduate signaled his support for former NFL quarterback-turned-social-justice-hero, Colin Kaepernick, as well as a proclamation that “Communism will win” – while in uniform, in a photo uploaded to his account this weekend.


Spenser Rapone posted the image of himself raising a clenched fist salute – a gesture know well within communist and radical leftist circles – with the caption “#VeteransForKaepernick” – a show of solidarity for NFL players kneeling during the national anthem.

According to LawNewz, Rapone verified the authenticity of the photo when contacted for comment.

LawNewz verified the legitimacy of the photograph with Rapone himself. He is currently in the field until Friday and unable to answer detailed questions.”

The photograph went viral on Twitter, with Rapone posting a follow-up depicting him at West Point Military Academy, flashing a ‘Che Guevara’ t-shirt under his dress uniform.

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