Police chief challenges FBI stats, but Detroit still most violent city


Police Chief James Craig says the FBI knowingly reported inaccurate 2016 crime statistics for Detroit on Monday.

“We vigorously refute the FBI’s numbers,” Craig said outside a barricaded gunman scene in southwest Detroit on Monday afternoon.

Those stats, which Craig said include significantly higher numbers than actually occurred due to a “horrible” and antiquated record keeping system, placed Detroit as the most violent city in the U.S., per capita, among communities with 50,000 or more residents.

However, even using 2016 crime data from the city’s own website, Detroit would still rank as the most violent city in 2016.

Detroit, which also ranked No. 1 in violence in 2014, dropped to second in 2015, just behind St. Louis, Missouri, according to FBI statistics.

According to the city’s records, there were 12,842 violent crimes reported in 2016, which is 863 fewer than 13,705 reported by the FBI.

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