Stratford acid ‘attack’: Police arrest 15-year-old boy after six injured


A 15-year-old boy has been arrested after six people were injured on Saturday night in what police suspect was a mass acid attack in Stratford, east London.

It came after a “noxious substance” was thrown in several areas – including by the Westfield shopping centre and Olympic Park – during a stand-off between two groups of males, police said.

Witnesses described how innocent victims caught in the crossfire screamed in pain after being hit with fluid, with one shouting: “‘I can’t see, I can’t see.”

They said the attacks came after a brawl erupted inside the Stratford Centre between the youths and the trouble then spilled outside.

Police and emergency services rushed to the scene amid the panic in the aftermath of the fight that broke out shortly before 8pm.

Hundreds of shoppers were in the area amid the stand-off, who moved back and forth between the Stratford Centre and the larger Westfield Centre opposite.

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