Hillary Clinton says women who support Donald Trump are ‘publicly disrespecting themselves’ and that the President has been ‘worse than I thought he would be’


Hillary Clinton appeared on MSNBC’s AM Joy for an interview on Saturday

She said women who support Trump are promoting sexism against themselves

Clinton added it is ‘troubling’ to continue to hear chants like ‘Lock her up’

In her criticism of Trump, she said her doubts about him have come to fruition

Clinton is in the process of promoting her campaign memoir ‘What Happened’

It was the biggest nonfiction launch since 2012 with 167,000 hardcovers sold

Hillary Clinton said that women who support President Donald Trump are ‘publicly disrespecting themselves’ and that he is doing ‘worse than I thought’. In an interview on Saturday on MSNBC’s AM Joy, the 2016 presidential hopeful said she was surprised by women who supported Trump given his past contentious remarks – including the ‘grab them by the p****’ controversy.  ‘When I see women doing that, I think: “Why are they publicly disrespecting themselves?”,’ Clinton told host Joy Reid.

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