Ruling Finds Solar Panels From China Hurt U.S. Makers


Installing solar panels on your home could become more expensive, depending on how President Trump responds to a decision Friday by the U.S. International Trade Commission.

The ITC found that low-cost, imported solar panels from China and other countries have hurt two domestic manufacturers. They are Georgia-based Suniva and Oregon-based SolarWorld.

Trump has focused his energy policy on fossil fuels, like coal, more than renewable energy and he campaigned on boosting domestic manufacturing. Much of the solar industry worries the president will choose to levy steep tariffs on imported solar panels to favor domestic manufacturers.

Suniva and SolarWorld praised the ITC decision saying it could help revive the solar panel manufacturing business in the U.S. As Will Stone of member station KJZZ reported in August, the companies argued that they can’t compete with foreign manufacturers.

In a statement after the ITC decision SolarWorld Americas President and CEO Juergen Stein said, “We welcome this important step toward securing relief from a surge of imports that has idled and shuttered dozens of factories, leaving thousands of workers without jobs.”

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