Jake LaMotta, ‘Raging Bull’ boxing legend, dead at 95


Jake LaMotta, the world middleweight champion from the Bronx whose turbulent life of violence and aggression in and out of the ring was made into a feature film in 1980 entitled “Raging Bull,” died Tuesday at the age of 95, according to multiple reports.

The boxing Hall of Famer, who went 83-19 with 30 knockouts in 106 career fights, began his boxing career in 1941 after he was rejected from serving in the military due to a medical issue.

The Bronx native, who had an superhuman ability to absorb punishment, earned the nickname “The Raging Bull” for his rough style in the ring as a middleweight fighter. LaMotta’s most noteworthy bouts included his six-fight rivalry with Sugar Ray Robinson, of which he won just one.

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