Kim Jong-Un’s inner-circle: Teenage sex slaves, lavish lunches and forces elites to watch horrific executions


A North Korean defector whose father was a senior officer under despot Kim Jong-Un has revealed a terrifying insight from within his feared inner-circle.

Ex-regime insider Hee Yeon Lim, 26, is risking her own life by telling the world how paranoid Kim lives like an emperor whilst casually ordering executions of confidantes and even relatives.

The petite Pyongyang graduate offers a rare glimpse inside a nuclear-weapons obsessed leader who has imprisoned 25 million starving people in grinding poverty.

As Kim’s lunatic weapons programme hurtles towards all-out war she wants to expose the tyrant who is dangerously clashing with America’s President Trump .

Just days after Kim tested a nuclear blast ten times the size of the Hiroshima bomb, Hee Yeon spoke to the Mirror at a secret location in Seoul, South Korea.

As world leaders await Kim’s next move against potentially explosive President Trump in their risky game of bluff and threat she revealed how he:

– Forces even Pyongyang’s upper class elite to watch horrific executions

– Brainwashes people with claims of invincibility and threats to the US.

– Hides in hundreds of secret luxury boltholes deep within his rogue state- making it virtually impossible for western spy agencies to know where he is at any one time.

– Has sex slaves, plucked as teenagers from school, despite his marriage to Ri Sol-ju, mum of his three children.

– Enjoys £1,000 a-time lunches whilst his subjects survive eating grass.

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