Canada sees surge of asylum seekers as Haitians flee U.S. to head north


Photo: abdallahh

The number of people streaming from the U.S. to Canada seeking asylum skyrocketed last month, according to the latest Canadian government statistics released Tuesday.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have intercepted some 13,211 persons attempting to sneak into Canada so far in 2017, including a staggering 5,712 in August alone.

That’s up 82 percent compared to the 3,100 or so who were caught in July, and it continues a monthslong trend that local officials said has been fueled by both a change in U.S. policy, and what the Canadian government says is a misimpression of how easy it is to gain a foothold there.

The numbers are still small compared to the U.S.’s southwestern border, where more than 30,000 illegal immigrants were nabbed either at the ports of entry or trying to sneak in between the official ports in August, according to the latest American government statistics.

But the U.S. numbers, while rising in recent months, are still well below the levels of recent years. Meanwhile Canada’s going the other direction, with twice as many people nabbed jumping the border in August as in the entire year of 2016.

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