Trump at the UN: Can He Make America Great Again at the Anti-American Body? Or Will He Cave?


As Trump mounts the U.N. General Assembly stage this week for the first time, one measuring stick cuts to the chase:  will ‘make America great again’ shrivel into a futile search for applause lines?

The unvarnished truth is that the General Assembly is a hostile audience for an American president. Less than half of the 193 U.N. member states are fully-free democracies. And with precious few exceptions, they share a common goal. Tying the American giant down in order to raise themselves up.

The claps from this crowd are reserved for obsequious, apologetic Americans who pledge to keep the dollars flowing. In short, President Obama.  In his first U.N. speech, Mr. Apology uttered: “America has acted unilaterally, without regard for the interests of others.”  Days after the murder of Ambassador Stevens in Libya in 2012, he spent four paragraphs apologizing for the video.

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