Swedish State Media Boss Caught Trying To Buy Virginity of Underage Girl


Photo: Lisah Silfwer of Crime Centre/Facebook

A manager at Sweden’s public broadcaster SVT has been caught trying to “buy” the virginity of a 14-year-old girl in a newspaper sting, claiming when caught that he was trying to save the girl.

The unnamed man met the girl on a website called “sugar daters” and offered to pay the 14-year-old 9,000 Swedish kronor, or £840, to be the first person to have sex with her when she turned 15. After the incident was revealed the public broadcaster released a statement indicating that the man had been immediately fired, Expressen reports.

The fictional 14-year-old named “Linnea” was actually Expressen TV programme manager Lisah Silfwer who manages the television programme “Crime Centre.”

During the chats, the man asked, “Are you a virgin?” and after receiving a yes said, “I can pay for it.”

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