Last night, every hater in Hollywood took to the stage and in what was supposed to be an awards show turned into nothing but 3 hours of bashing the President. The Emmys showed the underbelly of Hollywood for what it really is, nothing but a covert group of people who hate you and me. They think you are stupid and they showed you that last night. Nothing but bashing of the President and none of it on substance. All the jokes are based on the lies they tell each other over and over, and on making him out to be the new Hitler.

The Emmys is nothing but a trade show. It’s nothing. It’s made to seem important but it’s not. I don’t watch it do you? The Emmys is designed to appeal to one thing: the lowest common denominator. It’s for the people who actually spend money on those rags you get at the grocery store check out line. These are the people who will do whatever these brainless morons tell them to just because they’re on TV. Tell them the President is Hitler, and they believe it. Tell them the President is trying to hurt them both mentally and physically and they believe all of it.

It’s bad for the country and it’s bad for everyone in it. The lemmings are the reason the Democrats have any power whatsoever. And wasn’t always this way. Hollywood once was pro American. During World War 2 they stood up for America, they backed the war effort, promoting rubber drives, steel drives, war bonds, anything to help our boys who were putting their lives on the line. Some of them even took up arms themselves and put their lives in harm’s way. Do you think you would see that today? Would you even want Steven Colbert or Alec Baldwin in a foxhole next to you?

No. You wouldn’t because they are nothing more than low creatures who care only of themselves and what they see as virtue. And what they see as virtue is tearing down everything you and I believe in, what built America in the first place; hard work, individuality, family, God and everything else we hold dear. They have to tear that down because it’s the only way they can garner any power.

Well the ratings are showing people are tuning out of this low grade hatred because they’re sick of watching low IQ talentless TV puppets salute each other.

© Michael Savage – The Savage Nation