Tobacco, Poor Diet And Mental Health Issues Lead Causes Of Death Worldwide


Findings of the Global Burden of Disease study have shown that smoking continues to be a leading killer despite efforts to spread awareness about its health risks.

Tobacco, which caused 7.1 million fatalities worldwide last year, is associated with a range of health conditions, which include cancer and respiratory diseases.

The study revealed that overall deaths from preterm birth and infectious diseases are decreasing, but the world sees a rise in deaths due to heart disease, conflict, and terrorism.

Poor Diet And Mental Health Issues

Poor diet was associated with 1 in 5 deaths worldwide in 2016. The report also revealed that 1.1 billion people suffered from mental health and substance use disorders last year. Major depression is included as one of the top 10 causes of poor health in all but four countries involved in the study. Rates of death linked to use of opioid, amphetamine and other drugs increased, particularly in high-income countries.

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