Mysterious Fanged Sea Creature Washes Ashore During Hurricane Harvey


Remember that bizarre¬†“eyeless eel” that turned up off the Malaysian coast last year?¬†Or how about¬†this tongue-like blob¬†or¬†this faceless fish?¬†Well, here’s another delightfully¬†unsightly addition to¬†our growing roster¬†of mysterious marine creatures.

Science communicator Preeti Desai happened upon the decaying fish during a recent outing at a beach in Texas City. Viewing the serpentine silhouette from afar, she initially mistook the creature for a sea lamprey. But a closer look quickly changed her mind.

“It was just so unexpected,” she says. “When I saw the mouth I thought no way was it a lamprey. It looked like something that came from deeper waters. So I took a couple photos and put it out into the Twitterverse, figuring it would deliver. And it did!”

The guesses came pouring in, but none of the proposed IDs initially fit the bill. Moray eel? It’s¬†similar in size and shape, but lacks the pectoral fins visible in Desai’s photographs. Shrimp eel? It’s much smaller than this strange¬†find.

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