Last survivor of the legendary ‘Great Escape’ of 1944 turns 100


Photo: A formation of B-17 Flying Fortresses conducts a daylight bombing raid over German-held territory during World War II. Many of the aircrew members on aircraft shot down during the war ended up in German prisoner of war camps like Stalag Luft III in what is now Poland.

The last survivor of the legendary ‘Great Escape’ mission has celebrated his 100th birthday at a party organised by the RAF.

Jack Lyon, a Flight Lieutenant in the RAF during the Second World War, was shot down over enemy territory and imprisoned at Stalag Luft III, at Sagan, south-east Germany, at the time of the escape.

Mr Lyon kept surveillance on the camp’s Luftwaffe guards during construction of escape tunnels and was waiting to make his getaway in the early hours of March 25, 1944 when the daring mission was discovered.

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