PRESIDENT TRUMP: Tax Cuts for Middle Class, 15% for Businesses, Rich May Have to Pay More


President Trump held a meeting with lawmakers from both sides of the aisle on Wednesday in the White House.

After the meeting Trump told the media he is looking at a 15 percent corporate rate to keep the country competitive. The president said he will focus on tax cuts to the working class. He also said the rich may have to pay more.

It was another brilliant move by Trump. This was a clear statement of his intentions and falls in line with what Democrats have been saying all year. Now watch them vote no on a plan they all were pushing!

Trump will meet with Democrat leaders tonight at the White House.

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3 thoughts on “PRESIDENT TRUMP: Tax Cuts for Middle Class, 15% for Businesses, Rich May Have to Pay More

  1. Trump is a disgrace. Which life-tenured bureaucrat living and retiring off tax revenue gets to define what “Rich” is? Presumably that will mean not just high wage earners but capital gains as well? No? Give us Hell, Quimby!

  2. Off topic, please excuse my abrupt entry. I’m new to your show.
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