Black Lives Matter, Group Covers UVA Jefferson Statue, Lists Demands


Protestors gathered at the University of Virginia Tuesday evening and shrouded the statue of Thomas Jefferson to denounce white supremacy.

Photo: WVIR-TV Charlottesville

Protestors turned out with Black Lives Matter signs around 8 p.m.  The group of about 100 people included students, faculty and community members. The group used a tarp to cover the statue of Thomas Jefferson that sits in front of the UVA Rotunda.

Three people were on the statue and a sign on top of the covering read: “TJ is a racist and rapist.”

On the ground, members in the group read a list of demands which included removing the Confederate plaques on the Rotunda and banning white supremacist hate groups from grounds, calling out UVA alumni Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer specifically.

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