Black Lives Matter, Group Covers UVA Jefferson Statue, Lists Demands


Protestors gathered at the University of Virginia Tuesday evening and shrouded the statue of Thomas Jefferson to denounce white supremacy.

Photo: WVIR-TV Charlottesville

Protestors turned out with Black Lives Matter signs around 8 p.m.  The group of about 100 people included students, faculty and community members. The group used a tarp to cover the statue of Thomas Jefferson that sits in front of the UVA Rotunda.

Three people were on the statue and a sign on top of the covering read: “TJ is a racist and rapist.”

On the ground, members in the group read a list of demands which included removing the Confederate plaques on the Rotunda and banning white supremacist hate groups from grounds, calling out UVA alumni Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer specifically.

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12 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter, Group Covers UVA Jefferson Statue, Lists Demands

  1. A black supremacist group wants the school to ban a white supremacist group. LOL wow….

    How about ban both groups?

    Thomas Jefferson was one of the key founders who arguably designed the most successful government system in the history of civilization. The guy was a true academic and genius and studied practically every single government system up to that period in history.

    They demand education on white slavery. Would you like to add arabian slavery to that? And black slavery? Why not educate them to this:

    Over 1,000,000 Europeans were held as slaves from the 1530’s through the 1780’s in Africa! Hundreds of thousands more Europeans were kept as slaves by Ottomans/Muslims in eastern Europe and Asia. (Source: Alan Gallay in his essay Indian Slavery in the Americas for Gilder Lehrman Institute) “In 1650 there were more English enslaved in Africa than there were Africans enslaved in English colonies.” So when should I expect the descendants of black Africans and Arabs to apologize and pay reparations to the descendants of English people who were enslaved on the continent of Africa in 1650? You want to play this game? Let’s play it. No double standards allowed.

    Also, here’s some “education” on “white slavery” in America for you Black Lives Matter black supremacists:

    1. 75% of white families in 1860 did NOT own slaves. Note the word “families.” We aren’t talking about general population.

    2. Only 1.44% of the free population were listed as “slaveholders” in the 1860 Census. You want 100% of white people in 2017 to apologize for what 1.44% of the population did 157 years ago? Get out of here!

    None of my ancestors owned slaves. So I don’t owe anybody ****. I never owned any slaves. And no black in America today was ever a slave in America. Find something else to cry about.

    1. LOL! Banning them all is equal but not “equality.” You have to keep in mind the politically correct concept of affirmative action. White hate groups are bad, black hate groups are good because not one black is allowed to be considered bad under common opinion.

    1. Go look up the FBI Crime Statistics. They publish them each year.

      Over 90% of black homicides are at the hands of a black murderer. That means that 9 out of 10 black people who get murdered in the United States were murdered by a black murderer.

      Black on black crime. Apparently black lives don’t matter much to ……blacks.

      According to data published by the CDC, over 70% of black babies are born to single unwed black mothers. That means that 7 out of 10 black babies likely have a black father who refused to marry the black mother of his black child. Why don’t black lives matter to black fathers? Why won’t you racist black men marry the black mothers of your black children? Why are you so racist against your own kind? I only ask the questions. You give me the answers.

      1. I wasn’t arguing with you or suggesting you were one race or another. I was supporting your comment with some objective data. I was also suggesting that black lives don’t seem to matter much to the blacks who chant the slogan. And if they are going to be chanting “black lives matter’ then they should be directing their message to the blacks who sell drugs to other blacks in their communities and target blacks for homicide and other violent offenses. The greatest threat to a black man in America is another black man. I refer to it as the Democrat “crabs in a bucket” mentally. Democrabs in a bucket.

        Democrat Mentality aka “Democrabs in a bucket” is a way of thinking best described by the phrase, “if I can’t have it, neither can you.” The metaphor refers to a bucket of crabs. Individually, the crabs in the story could easily escape from the bucket, but instead they are described as grabbing at each other in a useless “king of the hill” competition which prevents any from escaping and ensures their collective demise. The analogy in human behavior is claimed to be that members of a group will attempt to negate or diminish the importance of any member who achieves success beyond the others, out of envy, spite, conspiracy, or competitive feelings, to halt their progress. (Source Wikipedia)

  2. Maybe they should protest the Cherokees who owned slaves, fought on the side of the confederacy, and not too long ago kicked all the black folks who were slaves off of their membership rolls.

    Doh… facts that get in the way of the memes.

  3. When are these TRAITORS going to be brought up on violations of Article 3 Section 3? They have declared war against the United States, even held up banners stating such. They have assaulted the nation and her people. They have shown allegiance and support (giving and receiving both moral and financial) of enemies of the United States (most specifically ISIS and Islamist Terror groups, and their allies, as well as domestic terror groups)… So what gives? What is the deal here?

    Hang them all!

  4. Um. no. I’m not paying someone $250,000 to go away. How about they pay their portion of the national debt and then go away?

    Each American citizen’s equal portion of the national debt is over $60,000.

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