Asked About Candidate Litmus Test for Dems, Clinton Calls Abortion a ‘Fundamental Human Right’


Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton responded to a question about the controversy over pro-life Democratic candidates in a new interview by insisting that abortion is a “fundamental human right.”

Clinton’s comment came in an interview with the lifestyle magazine Refinery29 that was released concurrently with her new book, What Happened. Clinton’s memoir covering the 2016 campaign has prompted negative reactions from prominent Democrats, who say they want to focus on the future instead of the past.

“Do you feel that abortion litmus tests are necessary for the Democratic Party in red states?” interviewer Arianna Davis asked Clinton.

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11 thoughts on “Asked About Candidate Litmus Test for Dems, Clinton Calls Abortion a ‘Fundamental Human Right’

  1. From his home in Chappaqua former President Clinton tweeted

    “Hillary’s been rubbing her feces on the walls & blaming the grand kids again”

  2. Hillary….two questions for you. 1. Did you ever thank your mother for not aborting you? 2. If you had known Chelsea would have been as ugly as she is, would she have been your fourth abortion? I’ll be patiently awaiting your answers.

    1. 1) The answer (or non-answer) will be that abortion was illegal at the time and her mother would have been too intimidated by the patriarchy to have done it anyway.
      2) Someone needs to carry on the family legacy.

  3. That’s right, kids. You have a fundamental human right to die if your existence is an inconvenience for your mother. God bless America!

  4. In that case, I strongly wished that Hillary Clinton’s mother had aborted HER. It would have saved the American citizens all the agony and anguish of listening to this whiny, criminal and sorry excuse for a human being throughout 2016 and thereafter. Go away already.

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