Texas prof resigns from law firm after tweeting he’d be ‘ok’ with DeVos sexual assault


A Texas professor and lawyer reportedly has resigned from his firm after tweeting that he’d be “ok” with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos being sexually assaulted.

Robert Ranco had posted a tweet late last week saying, “I’m not wishing for it… but I’d be ok if #BetsyDevos was sexually assaulted.”

The tweet was one of several criticizing DeVos for moving to overhaul how Title IX rules are applied to campus sex assault cases. DeVos claims those rules have led to improper investigations, though Ranco alleged she was making the world more dangerous for girls.

Ranco’s account and the tweet itself have since been taken down

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2 thoughts on “Texas prof resigns from law firm after tweeting he’d be ‘ok’ with DeVos sexual assault

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    It appears to me that Robert Ranco is just another liberal democrat progressive neo-marxist who didn’t have the attention span to cognitively reason and understand the argument for overhauling Title IX.

    First, let’s review the good things Devos has done. For one, she stopped letting boys go into the girls bathrooms. I can now safely send my daughter to school without worrying about perverts following her into the girls’ bathroom. Thank you Ms. Devos! And she acknowledges the many, many failures of a monopolized government education system and advocates for school vouchers that would give parents the ability to use public funds to send their children to school, and also get a CHOICE which school their child attends instead of being pigeon holed to a particular school based on where they live, which disproportionately and negatively effects impoverished people who live in bad neighborhoods and forces them to send their children to the Democrat assigned failing school assigned to that failing neighborhood so they can pigeon hole blacks and minorities in poverty zones and keep them uneducated. If I was a poor black person living in a poor neighborhood with children of school age and had a poorly managed, failing school nearby I would be a huge supporter for school vouchers too! Because of the current system, the local school jurisdiction played a heavy part in my decision making process as to where to live.

    Some of the bad things about the guidelines during the Obama administration is that they only required that the accused person be found 51% likely to be guilty. That is a much lower threshold than “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Also, it subjects the accused person to double jeopardy. Basically, if someone is falsely accused of sexual abuse or harassment and is found to be not guilty, the accuser can appeal and file charges against them AGAIN! Also, the rules denied the accused of cross-examining the accuser. Also, get this, it DENIES the accused person from being allowed to use a lawyer throughout the Title IX process!

    This goes against everything we as a nation believe in as far as DUE PROCESS and common law. I commend Betsy Devos for taking this action. I condemn a so-called lawyer such as Robert Ranco for not defending legal due process, for believing in subjecting defendants to double jeopardy, and for denying accused people of having legal counsel for a charge that could destroy their entire lives!!! Shame on you Robert Ranco. You should indeed lose your license to practice law, as well as the shills in the Obama administration who enacted these ridiculous guidelines to weaponize sexual abuse and harassment allegations as a means to destroy someone’s life regardless of whether or not they were truly guilty. What happened to due process and the preponderance of innocence until proven guilty?

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