San Diego Downtown Hosed Down to Combat Homeless Hepatitis A


A San Diego hepatitis A outbreak has left 16 people dead, hundreds infected, and city workers hosing down “fecally-contaminated” downtown areas frequented by homeless people as one way to control the spread.

Photo: City employees cleaning downtown San Diego streets to help stop spread of hepatitis among homeless people Twitter @GaryWarthUT

“The outbreak is being spread person-to-person and through contact with a fecally contaminated environment,” the Public Health Services Division said.

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors declared a public health emergency in light of the outbreak and opened more than three dozen hand-washing stations in areas where the homeless tend to gather, KNSD-TV reported.

City crews started using a bleach solution to spray down East Village area sidewalks where homeless people gather and are targeting sidewalks below the Interstate 5 overpass, where the city already had installed jagged rocks in an attempt to deter homeless people from camping.

More on the story at Newsmax.


5 thoughts on “San Diego Downtown Hosed Down to Combat Homeless Hepatitis A

  1. Some humans are so disgusting. We worry about wild animals spreading disease and we do everything to try to exterminate them. But with the homeless bums, we let them wander aimlessly through out the streets (San Fransico the worse), defecating in public, in front of restaurants, blocking traffic…and they have ‘all the rights’. Time to let the useless bums just die off. They are parasites, and dangerous.
    Leave the wild animals alone, including their habitat.

    1. I Don’t know about that working.
      Was just in Oahu / Waikiki…saw MANY bums laying around.
      Through downtown…all the way out to the airport.
      Makaha area —they have taken miles of beach over

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