Florida looting crackdown is ‘white supremacy,’


An author and journalist came under fire on social media Monday, after she tweeted a reply to an anti-looting warning from Miami police by saying: “The carceral state… is inseparable from white supremacy.”

The Miami Police Department took to Twitter on Sunday, as Hurricane Irma battered the state. “Thinking about looting? Ask these guys how that turned out. #stayindoors,” the post read, sharing a photo of people inside a jail cell.

Though Sarah Jaffe’s tweet on Monday garnered 1,500 likes, it sparked more than 100 comments — many of which were critical and accused her of being racist.

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13 thoughts on “Florida looting crackdown is ‘white supremacy,’

  1. It’s not white supremacy, it’s blacks’ self perception of inferiority, attempting to blame everyone else for their psychoses.

  2. “…..white supremacy”? I guess being able to read and write is also! We better wake up soon or we will be exterminated by this vermin!

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